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Project Description
Content Tracker is a content management system derived from the default XNA ContentManager class. It's main purpose is to allow unloading of individual content items but it also includes many other useful features.

  • Allow individual content items to be removed
  • Allow individual content items to be reloaded
  • Reference counting
  • Content item relationship tree
  • Asynchronous (threaded) loading support
  • Ability to bypass content cache (force file read)
  • Xbox 360 support
    • Demo project
  • Searching for and loading unbuilt source assets
    • Demo project for loading unbuilt X files as Models (requires SlimDX)

Coming Soon
  • Demos for further uses for Source Asset Loading, like textures and Xml
  • Documentation
  • Upgrade to Xna4

Until I get time to upgrade to Xna4, you can download Dubajj's version here:

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